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   Jacqueline Murduck.   Church Secretary.                                     01923 265221

   Terry Simmonds                                                                            01923 267329

   Tobias Thorslund                                                                           07808 155470

   Brian Lavelle               Webmaster, Contact List. PA System.      01442 385615


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Chipperfield Baptist Church

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Children's Prayers

Every Day Prayer

He wakes me up; He makes me sleep.

Provides for me the food I eat.

When I cry, I call on him,

Because I know with him I win.

Even through the hardest day,

I trust in him in every way.

He's the One who sees me through,

Jesus lives, I know it's true.

With loving kindness, he smiles on me.

Because he died, I am free.

Lord, for all, I thank you so,

I know you'll never let me go!

Good Morning, Jesus

Jesus, you are good and wise

I will praise you when I rise.

Jesus, hear this prayer I send

Bless my family and my friends.

Jesus, help my eyes to see

All the good you send to me.

Jesus, help my ears to hear

Calls for help from far and near.

Jesus, help my feet to go

In the way that You will show.

Jesus, help my hands to do

All things loving, kind, and true.

Jesus, guard me through this day

In all I do and all I say.

Your needs, our prayers

When you just can’t see what to do! Or life seems to be overwhelming you? We are happy to pray for you!

We want to do this because we believe God answers prayers and is always ready to do great things.

Be sure that even if you want to give names, everything shared will be in strictest confidence.

(texts will be deleted once prayed for)


Or slip your request under the front door of the Baptist church.

Chipperfield Baptist Church

The Street